July 24, 2016

Can’t Access FaceBook Page – skip_nax_wizard=true

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A while back I ran into a problem that had me baffled for an hour or two. I created a FaceBook business page and added the Static HTML Iframe App. After claiming my page, I found that I could no longer access it. I noticed that when I tried, it kept going back to my wall and adding skip_nax_wizard=true to the end of the url.

After a while I worked out what was going on and how to get around the problem. In my initial quest for answers, I noticed that a number of people had asked the same question in the FaceBook community forum. I posted an answer there but still some people are finding it a little difficult to understand, so I thought I would post a more detailed answer here.

The Dreaded skip_nax_wizard=true And How to Access Your Business Page

Don’t ask me why FaceBook make it so difficult to access a page after you take ownership of it. All I can do is offer you an answer as to how to access your tab. You will be glad to know that it’s actually very simple once you know how.

Here’s How

skip_nax_wizard=true ImageWhile logged into FaceBook, click on the arrow next to Home, as shown in the image to the right.

Go to use FaceBook as and select the page that you cannot access.

Now click on the welcome icon in the left hand sidebar of FaceBook.

That’s it. Told you it was easy once you know how. The hard bit is just knowing how.

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  1. Clear, informative, simple. Like your post! Don’t stop writing, you’ve given me lots of good info!

    • Hi Alexander.
      Thank’s for taking time to leave a comment. Glad you found this post useful. Hope you will come back and join in the discussion again.

  2. Once again some great information Steve, I have not had this problem but when I do I will be able to sort it out thanks to your guide.

    • Hi Richie.
      Nice to see you back here. It’s a good idea to claim your FaceBook business page, if you have not already done so. You can do this by visiting your page and selecting “protect your page” at the bottom of the left hand sidebar. Then just follow the on screen instructions. All simple stuff, I promise.

      • I have a Facebook question. I set up a business page and have a user name from Facebook. When I type my URL facebook.com/name I have to sign in before I get to my page. On the other hand if I go to faceboook.com/ge or Hertz or Sears I go directly to the page without signing in. Does anyone know haw to set up the page so I don’t have to sign in but have direct access?

  3. Hey Steve,

    So I just created my first Fan Page and it’s actually only nine days old today. If I’m not mistaken, the fan pages and business pages are one in the same right!

    I hired a blogging friend to create the welcome script and my profile picture so I wouldn’t know the first thing about correcting something if it went crazy on me. But this seems simple enough.

    I’d probably just call her and plead for her help. But for those who can’t, I have a feeling this little trick will work just fine for them.

    Interesting post and a definitely a problem solver for sure. Great tip!


    • Hi Adrienne.
      It’s great to see you here. In answer to your question, yes a business page is just FaceBook’s new name for a fan page. You won’t come accross the problem above until you claim your page. This is something that I strongly advise you to do (if you have not already done so). You can see how in the comment directly above. Claiming your page will ensure that nobody else hacks your account and makes themself an admin. If someone does, they can actually claim your page as thier own, remove your admin status and shut you out.
      Thank’s again for dropping by. I really hope that you can come back soon and join in the discussion again.

  4. Hi Steve,
    I tried out your suggestion and it worked fine. Only problem is your designating a particular page to be the Facebook page. I need a more permanent solution to the skip_nax_wizard=true nag.

    Do you know of any other way of getting rid of this more permanently.
    You see when I return to my default as page owner it returns the nag – only for my cco-art-pro page:

    Any suggestions will be of benefit.

    • Hi Mike.

      I’m affraid the only answer I have is to use FaceBook as (your page) and then switch back to your personal profile when done.
      I find it crazy that as the page owner you can’t just access your page. I have no idea why FaceBook is configured this way. It only happens once you have claimed the page.
      I am administrator of many pages that I have built for other companies. My own page is the only one that I have to go through this hassle to access. I spent about an hour scouring the FaceBook help center for answers but there are none. I figured it out for myself and posted an answer in the end.

      If you do find a permanent solution, please consider comming back and letting me and my users know.
      Wish I could have been more help. Thank’s for visiting and leaving a comment.

      • Absolutely. I will let you know if I find anything.
        This particular problem is only reserved for this FB page here:
        It does not and has not occurred for this FB page here:
        Both are my pages. Dont know why it selects one out for this special treatment!
        I will defo let you know if the problem reveals itself, and thanx for your very quick response.

        • You can actually see it in action | one versus the other if you click on both one after the other.
          facebook.com/cash.savers (which is free from this scourge)

          • Mike, I should point out that I don’t allow links directly in my comments. Sorry my friend but I have killed your links.
            To make up for that, I have edited the name field to ensure you get your backlinks. For future reference, my blog uses KeywordLuv to allow do-follow links. You can find details of how to use it at the bottom of the page.
            Thank’s again for your input.

        • Well Mike, if you can solve the skip_nax_wizard=true mistery, I will be very grateful. I’m sure that many of my visitors to this page will too.

  5. Hi Steve,
    No Prob’s. I didn’t know anything about keyluv – have it now so thanx for that.

    • No problem Mike.
      Hope you can come and join in the discussion on some of the many other articles here. You know what to do to get your keywords and backlinks approved now. I’m sure that you know that there’s a lot of SEO value in that.

  6. Chris Verraes says:

    Dear Steve,

    Thank you; you’re about the only resource addressing this problem. Although your solution works, it still doesn’t make it possible to get to the developers side of the business page. Which the dreaded skip_nax_wizard=true is keeping you from accessing. Or am I mistaken?

    • Hi chris.
      I’m not entirely sure what you mean when you say the developers side.
      I personally use the Static Iframe Tab app to create custom pages. Once I have been through the process above, I click on the welcome icon in the left sidebar of my page to access the page source code.
      If this doesn’t help, maybe you could give me a bit more detail about the problem you are facing. I can’t make any promises but I’ll certainly have a look for you.

  7. Hi
    i didnt get it- i still cant access whit my privet profile to my page tabs


    • Hi Ofer.
      Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with the dreaded skip_nax_wizard=true nightmare.
      I can’t say for sure but this is the first comment I have had to say it did not work. I wonder if you may have missed something. If you try again and it does not work, you might have to consider contacting FaceBook support.
      Good luck.

  8. Okay, had a related skip_nax_wizard=true problem. My apps tabs wouldn’t run and insights wouldn’t work, but the fix didn’t help (There was no “welcome icon”). Worked for days on this and finally found a solution. Logged in as the problem Facebook user and pointed my browser to facebook.com/pages/getting_started?page_id=xxxxxxx&step=basic_info where “xxxxxxxx” is your facebook page id number. Clicked continue and VOILA! Everything back to normal. I could have cried (not really but I was thrilled).

    • That’s great news Dan and thank you so much for taking the time to share with other readers. I know from one or two comments, that my solution doesn’t work in every case. It works for the Static HTML Iframe app but fortunately I haven’t had a problem with any other apps.
      Thank’s again for sharing this.

  9. @ Dan: THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!!! This was driving me crazy! You are a god among men!

    One tip I will leave: If you have a Username (No page id), simply click on the ‘edit page’ link and it will then show your true id in the url.

    It must be a glitch where we didn’t fully finish setting up the page at the start!

    Thanks again guys!

    • Hi Simon.

      Thank’s for sharing your tip. It is possible to shorten the url of your page, (once you have some likes0 to show only the page name. Frankly, by the time I realised this I had already posted a link to my FB page all over the web. For that reason I decided to leave the ugly url in place.

  10. Dear Steve,

    Unfortunately I get the same “skip_nax_wizard=true” but than at a different point. I’m able to reach my facebook page, but I’m not able to change my app. facebook.com/dierenkliniekgo and than the “In Memoriam” page.
    I also have an other page and I have never had this problem at that page…
    I’m creating my apps with: “https://developers.facebook.com/apps”

    Who knows a solution?

    Marloes de Jong (from the Netherlands)

    • Hi Marloes.
      I’m affraid that my solution is specific to the static html iframe app. Is this the app that you are using?
      If not and you just want to creat a simple page, try deleting your app and installing the static html iframe app.
      If you want to add more pages, you can do so with static html iframe second page and static html iframe third page.

      • Dear Steve,

        I am using the static iframe tab. And I have used this also for my other page and I don’t have the same problem there. facebook.com/hetkleinegeluk. That is why I don’t understand the problem…

        • Marloes, I don’t know if you are aware but there are two apps. One is the “Static Iframe App”, the other is the “Static HTML IFrame App”. The one I use is the “Static Html Iframe App”. Is this the one that you are using for both pages?
          Also Marloes, have you tried Dan’s (above) solution?

          • I think I’m using the normal Static Iframe app. I can not wright HTML, I can only change some little things. In the normal Static Iframe App you have a WYSIWYG editor and a HTML editor.

            I have tried Dans solution but I get the following notification:
            “The content is not available at this moment” At the xxxxxxx I have filled in the app id. Is this the right one??

            I have also tried to delete all my apps en place new ones, but that is also not working…. I don’t know what to do anymore.

          • I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a solution for you that will work with your current app. The only thing that I can suggest is using an online editor to create your page and convert it to code to use in the Static HTML Iframe App. You will need to put your images on a server and link to them though.
            If you want to try this, there is an easy to use editor here http://knopok.net/text-to-html.html
            Make sure that any links in your page are set to open in a new window.
            If all else fails, I do have an offer on FB pages but even that could be a problem if your page is not in English.
            The offer can be found here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sussex-SEO/241992629181112

          • Hi Marloes,

            Insert the facebook Page ID not the app ID.


          • Thank’s again Dan, you’re a star. Hope that helps you Marloes.

  11. Dear Dan,

    Hopefully my last question. How do I find my page ID. I have tried to find this on google and they say that I have to go to my buisness page and than put click with my mouse on my profile photo. Than the last number at the end of the URL should be my page id. My URL is

    But the example I get is: facebook.com/album.php?profile=1&id=102143258917

    In the example I can see the ID number, but in my URL I can’t see this.


  12. Mike Moore says:

    I’m happy to see some recent discussion about claiming our business pages.

    I’m struggling to finish the “Protect Your Page” process – it just never goes anywhere after I click Submit.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be making that fail?

  13. Hello Mike.
    I’m sorry to say that it was a while back that I claimed my page. It all went very smoothly and I can’t even remember the process now.
    I have built quite a few for other businesses and I have a couple in the pipeline that are due to be finished and claimed.
    I’ll see if I can find you an answer from one of my clients. If you are still having problems in a few days. Come back and see if I have posted an answer.

  14. Dear Steve and Dan!

    It works! The reason I didn’t see my page ID was because of de “skip_nax_wizard=true”. My URL changed so quickly that I couldn’t read it in time. By making a print screen I was able to get my Page ID and by using Dan solution everything is solved!!
    Thank you so much for your help guys!

    Best regards,


  15. Hi Steve,

    Ran across your info while searching on a “account disabled” problem I’m having with a FB page I admin. I’m hoping you can help. I’m new to setting up Pages for the hospitals where I work, so I may have gone about this in the wrong way. (My personal profile page (at home) I don’t have tied to my work account at all, so I can keep it completely separate.)

    Long story short:

    1. I set up one “alice_1″ profile, which is tied to “hospital_1″ Page. (If you need exact names of the pages, email me offline and I’ll send to you)
    2. “alice_2″ profile is tied to “hospital_2″ Page.

    I discovered “hospital 2″ account has been disabled. Not sure why. I’ve tried “forgot password” link – that didn’t work. I tried verifying the account but that didn’t work either. Does FB not like that I have two profiles (even though they use different names and email addresses)?

    I noticed in your screenshot above you have multiple “use Facebook as” links and can choose which one you want to use. How do you set it up that way? Is that something I can do now, or would it need to have been set up that way from the beginning?

    It’s likely that our hospital will need additional Pages, so this may become more complicated in the future. Any help you can provide to simplify things (or correct my current mistakes) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Alice.
      I can’t be sure why your account has been disabled but it could be because of the two accounts.

      The fact is you can set up as many pages as you like from a personal profile and they don’t have to impact on the profile.

      I run many pages for various clients and if I were to unlike them all, I would barely know of their existance. Once you create a page you have the option to claim it, hide all posts from it etc.

      For example. I could create a page from my personal profile for another business and make them an admin. They could then remove my admin status and claim the page as if I never had anything to do with it.

      If I was you, I would be inclined to just re-create your Alice 2 page from Alice 1 profile. You can litterally create as many pages as you wish as long as you have one account. They really don’t have to have any impact on your personal profile.

      Doing it this way will make it much easier to manage multiple pages as you can access them all from one account. If the posts become a problem on your personal page, simply choose the hide all posts from this user option.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Steve. This did help a lot, actually. I was finally able to get back into the account that was disabled yesterday. I changed the password, claimed my email address (and claimed the email address on my other profile which was associated with the other hospital account). Luckily, I was able to log in to all of our accounts so I thought all was good. Then I discovered that claiming my email address must have messed up something. Now I’m getting a “your email address does not belong to any account” message. On ALL of our Pages. Cleared browser history, temporary files and cookies. Still locked out. I think I need to give up for today and stop messing with things. :-)

        Thanks again for your help.


        • Oh dear Alice, it sounds like you are having a rough time of it.
          I just replied to your emails with a little more advice. Hope you can get back into your accounts OK. Sounds to me like you might have typed something wrong when you changed your email.
          Even if you have to start again, it doesn’t take long to create a page, the trouble is, you will loose any likes you had. You could try contacting Facebook but that in itself can be a drama. If I can help in any way, drop me an email.
          Anyway, hope things turn out OK for you and thank’s for visiting my blog.

  16. having this issue on my biz page, i did what you recommended, after i click the welcome tab, it asks me to authorize, so i click then it says i must switch to “jeff swenson” i click, then it just reloads and i still have th stupid skip_nax_wizard=true on the end.

    • Hi Jeff, Sorry to hear that my soloution hasn’t helped.
      It does depend on the app that you are using. My solution works with the (Static HTML Iframe Tab), not the (Static Iframe Tab). I don’t know which you are using but there are some other comments and solutions above from people who have had other problems.
      Hope you get it sorted out soon Jeff, because I know how frustrating these things can be.

  17. Hi Steve,

    I have a problem.. I got rid of the skip-nax=true thingy due to above info,
    thanks for that !!
    now, and before that.. I dont see the right sidebar, where recommandations of friends can be read, they dont see it anymore either, so no new ones can be put in aswell..
    Do you have a solution for this?

    • Hi Phil.
      Glad you got over the dreaded skip_nax_wizard=true nightmare. I’m affraid I can’t help with the other problem. I thought that the right sidebar was a standard feature of Facebook?

  18. Hi Steven

    thanks for the reply. yeah so did I, it usually only has commercials ( i hate anyways) and the ticker… but mine is all of a sudden blank…
    Maybe it’s just a temporary thing… facebook is almost always under some construction…..

    If anyone else knows.. don’t hesitate to let me know


  19. I am also having this problem. I have an artist page which works fine, but the business page does not recognize me as the administrator and I can’t get into it at all. It does not show up under the “use Facebook as…” tab.
    However on my regular FB page, it shows up as a hotline if you hover over my picture.
    Any help really appreciated!

    • Hi Michele.
      Has this always been the case, did something you did cause it or is it something that just happened out of the blue?

      • I think it has always been the case – the business page was my first idea, but I abandoned it for the artist page. I didn’t realize it had actually been set up. The problem is that it hotlines from my profile picture, so people go there instead of to my artist page. I would like to merge the two pages or delete the business one. I would like the profile picture to hotline to the artist page.
        So one fix might just be to change that hotlink- not sure how to do that, either!
        Thanks so much!

        • Whatever the case, you need access and if you are not set up as an admin for the page, you have a difficult task.
          This is not a problem that I have knowledge of. I’m sure you probably have but I would try the Facebook help center first. You could try to contact Facebook for help but good luck with that one. Other than that, try some very specific web searches.
          Sorry I can’t help Michele. Hope you get round this problem OK.

          • Steve, I did get it resolved, with help. Apparently, if you list yourself as a business owner in your FB info, they automatically set up a page for that busi ess, with a link to i from your profile pic.. I couldn’t access the page, because I didn’t actually set it up ( I had assumed I must have)
            To fix, I deleted that “job” listing from my profile, then re -entered it with the correct FB Page info.
            Not very intuitive, but I am so happy to have it fixed!

          • Hi Michele.
            Really glad you got that problem sorted out and all is OK. Thank you so much for taking the time to come back here and share the solution with us.