July 25, 2016

Friends + Allies = Knowledge, Reputation & Business

Sometimes in our quest to grow our businesses we get carried away with sell, sell, sell and lose sight of some of the simple pleasures that are part of blogging. What’s more these simple pleasures often lead to more business, the very thing that we work so hard to achieve.

If you know me or have spent time reading my posts, you will know that I have a serious dislike for black hat techniques and spammers. I have said many times that doing things the seemingly hard way, often turns out to be more beneficial. The hard way is not only the right way but often turns out to be the easy way.

This post is not so much about giving advice about how to do blog commenting or where to find links. I have already covered that in my four page tutorial. No, this post is more about giving something back to those who have given so much to me and probably without even knowing it.

There are many blog authors who promote products and services, many who give good and bad advice. Among them there are a few people who I regard as true and genuine people who care a great deal about what they do. Perhaps more importantly, they care a great deal about and always have time for their readers.

So this post is about name dropping some of my favourite bloggers and hopefully encouraging some of my own readers to visit their blogs. Partly because I am only too pleased to give something back but also because it’s good advice.

Visiting these blogs myself has led to increasing my own knowledge which in turn helps my reputation and improves my business. Above all of these things, it has led me to develop valuable new friends and allies with some of the good guys of blogging.

So before I bore you to death, here’s a short list of some of my favourite blogs, websites and authors.

If you want to get down and dirty with all the technical stuff that there is to know about SEO, this is the palce for you. Although we will probably never meet, I feel like I know Bill Slawski personally.  Bill has an incredible knowleedge and understanding of SEO. He always takes time to reply to my comments and I have come to respect his opinions a great deal. Thank’s Bill, I hope you received my testimonial OK.

Another author who I already feel like I know as a friend. Once again because Sherryl Perry has a great deal of time for her readers. A great place to find good practical advice about many of the problems and challenges that all bloggers face. Thank’s Sherryl for taking the time to engage in meaningful discussion with us.

An expert on social media and Internet marketing but I just like Joel’s light hearted approach to it all. I go here to unwind and pick up some good valuable tips and information. Joel can write about just about anything and always make it a fun read.

Just love Michels honest, no holds barred style. Plenty of valuable information about blogging, marketing and just life in general. Was really sad to read that michel has recently lost his mother the last time that I visited the blog. May she rest in peace.

Copy-writing is in my opinion one of the hardest skills to master. There is a wealth of information at this site to help you develop your skills. I have learnt so much here but it still doesn’t make it easy. I guess knowing how and actually doing are just two different things. I will keep visiting in the hope that one day I will be half as good as this guy.

Seldom publishes my comments but hey, what the heck. Mark and Court will always have a place in my heart because this is where it all began for me. I took a $1 trial of their online Internet Marketing course (The Keyword Academy) and never looked back. As well as the course, Court freely gives advice on his blog and there’s a lot of it. Keep up the good work guys and thank-you for introducing me to the crazy world of IM.




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  1. Hi Steve,

    Really appreciate your kind words here about my site.

    When I leave a comment somewhere, I really appreciate it when someone responds, and I try to do that on my pages. When I write about something and people take the time to read it, think about it, and add their thoughts, that’s something that I look forward to, so thank you for getting involved, asking questions, and sharing your views.

    I did receive your testimonial, and I want to thank you very much for it. I’ll probably add it somewhere on my site, and I’m trying to decide upon the best location. Thanks.

    • Hi Bill.
      Really nice to see you here. The comment and the testimonial were the very least that I could do. I have a great deal of respect for those who take the time to share their knowledge and engage with their readers.
      Your blog has been a valuable source of information and helped me develop my own skills. If knowing this makes it all a little more worthwhile, then I feel glad that I have in some small way given something back.